Sustainability Commitment

EXPO team is committed to our role as responsible corporate citizenship for the protection of the environment and betterment of society, along with achieving business excellence. EXPO aims to improve our sustainability performance continuously through:

Protecting the environment

Supporting community sustainability initiatives

Maintaining full compliance

Delivering service excellence

Integrating sustainable concept

Caring for staff

Collaborating with event organizers and planners, business partners, suppliers and contractors

Communicating with stakeholders

Green Initiatives
Green Commitment

EXPO is committed to reduce, reuse and recycle through a series of green initiatives designed to minimise the impact on our environment.

Energy and Water Conservation
EXPO actively identifies conservation opportunities through equipment and infrastructure upgrade, as well as operational procedural improvements. Lights in the EXPO's back of house and loading areas are being changed to LED sensor light. Indoor temperature is closely monitored with advanced air-conditioning and ventilation system. Water saving faucets are installed in toilets.

Waste Management 
EXPO motivates staff, event organizers and visitors to recycle wastes. Public as well as back of house areas are equipped with recycle bins for paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, metal and rechargeable batteries. Large recycling "cages" are also available during exhibition move-in and move-out periods to separate construction waste from household waste.
Think Before Plastic

EXPO only provides glass water jugs and cups for meeting events instead of plastic water bottles. All EXPO's restaurants and concession stands have now stopped providing plastic straws.

Caring for Community
Environmental awareness activities for EXPO staff on climate change and plastic reduction are regularly organized to learn about the importance of protecting the natural environment. EXPO team actively participants in the tree-planting, and responds to Earth Hour every year to raise public awareness of climate change and demonstrate EXPO's commitment to improve sustainability in reducing energy consumption.

We need your support
EXPO is committed to sustainability but we cannot do it all on our own. We rely on organizers' and participants' cooperation and support. Everyone has a role to play in making events sustainable.
Tips for Organizers

Use reusable, recycled or recyclable materials for stand constructions, signage, decorations and stages.

Set up green stations to collect recyclables, including paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, glass, as well as food waste.

Choose sustainable and low carbon menu ingredients.

Replace paper distribution by electronic means of communications.

Switch off non-essential lights and air-conditioning.
Tips for Exhibitors, Event Participants and Visitors

Use less and if possible reusable materials for stand constructions, signage and stages. Build stands with limited height and energy efficient electric fixtures.

Reduce unnecessary packaging for souvenirs, gifts and goods.

Separate wastes, including paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, glass, wood as well as food waste and put in appropriate recycling bins.

Use electronic means to replace paper for communications.

Switch off non-essential lights and air-conditioning.

Use public transport.

Bring own multi-use bottles, food containers and bags.

Say 'no' to excessive packing, plastic straws and other wasteful items.

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