Web Accessibility
Web Accessibility
Shenyang EXPO Convention and Exhibition Co. Ltd ('EXPO') has committed to corporate social responsibility. The website uses a barrier-free web design, with the goal of achieving accessibility standards , so that the visual impairments have an equal opportunity to browse the Expo website and get the latest information.
Enlarged Text Size
Users can enlarge the font size of this website with their browser's re-scaling tool or through a set of buttons in the top right hand corner on every page.
Colour Contrast
Text on this website is easier to read with its higher colour contrast.
Keyboard Shortcuts
This website is designed in a way that users can use the keyboard exclusively to access all features and content. For example, users can move to all hyperlinks or input boxes in a logical order through the Tab key or the Enter key, without using a mouse.
Use of Alternate Text
All graphical elements such as photos and logos are supplemented by alternate text descriptions for screen readers. Users can gain further understanding of what these graphical elements represent.
PDF Files for Accessibility
The PDF files of this website include several features, for example, file names, primary language and description for graphics, in support of accessibility of documents to users with visual impairments.
Should you have any enquiries or comments on the accessibility of this website, please contact our Marketing & Sales Director by phone or email.
Telephone: +86 24 31619968
Email address:  info@shenyangnwEXPO.com

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